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When did Crystal begin?

Crystal Cluster Rock
Crystal Cluster
Rocks, stones or crystals, call them as you may, comprise much of this earth. The evolution of crystal healing however can be traced back to the lost city of Atlantis. Studies of Atlantis have led people of believe that crystals were used in that ancient city in numerous ways, including lighting up the city at night. Native American and Australian cultures too are rich with tales of how crystal stones and rocks have been part of spiritual practices and have been used to heal people. Even the lore of gypsies gazing into crystal balls, probably has its roots on the fact that crystals have been used for meditation since centuries. Due to their ability to store, amplify, correct and control energy waves, crystals are said to help a person focus, stay in tune with his inner-self, thus making a person more intuitive. In fact unaware to most, crystals are a part of the lives of almost everyone. Technological innovations have tapped into the potentials of quartz crystals. Computer chips, television, watches, radio etc., all contain quartz crystals which are used to modulate, transform or conduct energy in some form or another.
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