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What can be done by Dowsing?
There is very little in the physical world which cannot be found by dowsing and there is much, in addition, that can be found out once you have developed, by practice and perseverance, your individual dowsing skills.

The following list gives an ides of the many and varied fields to which dowsing can be applied – and this is by no means exhaustive.

Water: The location of underground streams at any depth, their direction of flow, their depth, the quality of the water and what quantity could be drawn off in say gallons per hour or day etc. The location of springs or a well in your neighbours garden that has fallen into disuse – and much more.

Minerals – Precious Stones: The location, demarcation and identification of the area, the line of the mineral lodes, depth and estimating the quantity and the quality.

Oil – Gas: The location of oil deposits under the land or the sea and the depth below the surface and an estimate of the quantity and the quality, also the porosity of the rock strata in which it lays.

Archaeology: The location of unknown sites where nothing shows on the surface of the ground.  The depth below the surface that a site lies, the outline, the run of defenses, the depth of ditches, the run and heights of previous walls and buildings.  The location of roads, grave sites and burials.  The dates of sites and so on.

The location of sunken ships and submarines: Building Sites: Examination for all purposes, the water runs underneath them, rock state, soil state, rock faults, old wells, cavities, cellars, drains, sewers, cables and pipes and so on – especially if it is intended to build on that site.

Location of pipes, cables and drains: The line of the run, depth, location of fractured pipes, broken cables, leaks and blockages.  It is particularly to farmers for searching for old or lost field drains and tracing water supplies from farm to field and field to field for animal drinking troughs and so on.

Location of tunnels, caves, lost mine workings: The demarcation, size and depth of them and flooding.

Lost articles: Valuables, car keys, rings, brooches, purses and wallets to name but a few.

Missing people: This is one of the most difficult tasks owing to the difficulty of identification and should be undertaken with care and careful preparation – bear in mind that some people deliberately ‘disappear’ for their own personal reasons and have no wish to be found.

Tracking lost animals or children or perhaps someone elderly and confused in areas of say woodland.

Plant and soil treatments: Mainly used in determining how to improve soil quality for the various plants to be grown in it and determining the best location for plants, trees and shrubs etc.

Medicine: To know that medicine will cure the problem or is it good to take or not and to increase the power of medicine using dowsing techniques.

Animals: Pendulum dowsing can be used to locate health problems in animals and help in the selection of remedies.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accepts this course of action providing the services of a vet are called for if it is considered that the animal needs professional help.

Healing of houses, shops, factories, offices etc, of the effects of Geopathic Stress: This has become quite a large part of the work undertaken by dowsers.  Geopathic Stress can be particularly harmful and health threatening and prolonged period spent with its influence can and usually does cause a worsening of a condition e.g. arthritis, depression, sleeplessness, heart problems to name but a few.

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