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Crystal Threapy

Crystal Pencil
Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures. This is a truly wonderful holistic therapy. It is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues using various forms of natural crystals.

Crystals each contain their unique vibration. When you place crystals within the aura - your aura's vibration will change.
Often the effects are indirect, but very potent. Other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable.

The properties of crystals drive from their orderliness and the stability of their atomic structure. If subjected to some outside force such as heat, pressure, electricity or light, crystals are able to make minute adjustments to restore their internal stability. It is this quality that makes crystals so important in so many different areas of technology. When a body is unwell or diseased it is usually because the natural balance or rhythm has been lost.  Using crystals therapy with their perfect atomic structure offers patterns for the body to follow to help self-healing. The very nature of crystals increases the levels of harmony in the immediate environment.

The aid of this therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health on levels of emotions, mind and spirit as well as the physical body.

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