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Candle Therapy Course Fees and Duration
Daily while sleeping, meditating or wakening up, you can have your day with full of fragrances, you can heal your all problems with colourful candles fragrance, fulfil your dreams and desires through candle therapy, learn the art of fire healing in your life through Know more about the Candle therapy course fees and the duration of class.
Cnadle Making
Candle Therapy Course Details and Fees

  • Introduction of Candles
  • Why Candles?
  • Dose Candle Therapy work?
  • How does it work?
  • Candle Safety Tips
  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • Merging Psychology and Magic
  • Control issues and more about how the Magic Works
  • The Process how to make candle work
  • The Map of Intention for your Goal / Purpose
  • The Importance and Physiology of Ritual
  • Ethics
  • Preparation for Carving
  • Assess your purpose
  • How to Choose Candle
  • How to make Your own Candle for all the Purpose
  • Plan an offering: One must give in order to receive
  • Carve the Seal
  • Apply Oil
  • Glitter the Seal
  • Make Wishes
  • Burn the Candle
  • Light a Candle for Thanks
  • How, When and What, If, of Candles Burning
  • The Moon
  • Solar Times for Candle Rituals
  • The Planetary Hours
  • What to do if it seems your candle did not work
  • Love
  • Love is Mutual Decision
  • The Process of Love
  • The Symbols of Love
  • What to do once you have a Love
  • Different Problems and how to address them with Candle Therapy
  • Option if No New Love Arrives
  • Sex and Passion
  • Personal Growth and Healing
  • Success
  • Clearing, Protection and Justice
  • Candles and Psychic Development
  • Candle and Crystal Meditation
  • Candle and Astral Projection
  • Save our Planet and Gratitude
  • Candle Placement
  • Gifts for Others
  • Bottom Line
  • Complete List of Magical Oils and Incenses with Explanations
  • Some photos of carved candles
  • Frequently ask question
  • Disclaimer

Material Provided :-
Candle Therapy Manual in english, Certificate, Products related to Candle

Duration :-
5-6 hours (2 day Workshop)

Timing :-
11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Course Fees :- (2 Options)
Option 1 :- INR Rs. 7,000/- (we dont teach you how to make candles)
Option 2 :- INR Rs. 10,000/- (we teach you how to make candles)

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