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Seeing Angels Around Other People

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Seeing Angels Around Other People

As mentioned above, angels are incredibly high vibrational beings of light and love.

By tuning into the energy of another person, or even yourself, you can develop the ability to tune into their angels by learning to sense these higher levels of vibration.

With permission from the person you will be tuning into (this can be conscious, or you can simply ask their Higher Self for permission) become aware of their energy. You may want to softly gaze at them, or focus just beyond them so they’re in your peripheral vision.

You can also close your eyes, and tune into the person with your inner sight through your mind’s eye.

If you want to do this for yourself close your eyes, and imagine you’re viewing yourself from an outside perspective… You can also stand in front of a mirror, and softly gaze above your right shoulder.

Relax, and softly focus on the person you’re tuning into (or yourself), and ask the angels present to help you see them.

When you do this, pay attention to what you perceive. Is there a lightness of energy above their shoulders? This is where their guardian angels will likely be present?

Do you notice a lower vibrating but still spiritual presence of someone standing behind them? This is likely a deceased loved one…

Everyone perceives Spirit in different ways, so just be aware of how this works for you.

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