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Aura Reading Course Fees

  • What is Aura?
  • Why do we need to see Auras?
  • What does an Aura Consist of?
  • Structure of Human body for Aura
  • Aura Size and Aura Pattern
  • Your Aura Size
  • What are the Methods to see the Aura
  • How to See Aura & how to developed Auric Sight
  • Developing Auric Sight
  • What is Kirlian camera
  • Chakra
  • Aura Colours
  • Aura colours and meaning
  • Aura Frame and Shape
  • Healing the Aura
  • Aura Healing and Aura Scanning
  • Heal your Aura with Colours
  • Guide your Aura with Positive Intentions
  • Protect Your Aura From Outside Energy
  • Maintain Your Aura through Regular Maintenance
  • How to Clean Aura and Swap Aura?
  • Aura & Mantras
  • Aura Meditation
  • Frequently Ask Questions

Material provided during the course
Manual, Certificate and Dowser

Lunch and Refreshment will provided

Duration :- 1 day workshop
Timings :- 5-6 hours (11am to 5 pm)

Course Fees: Rs. 2000/-

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