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Benefits of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is not an exact science. It relies heavily on the intuition of the healer as well as the stones used for the healing. But when used with wisdom, the benefits have often been remarkable. People experience release from stress, relaxation and a general sense of well-being. This by itself is enough to induce the body to rejuvenate itself. When used during meditation crystals have been found increase intuition and make people perceptive. By healing your energy field crystals help you focus. This in turn has lead to increased awareness and better inter-personal relationships.

Many doctors are now turning to the use of crystals as a complimentary therapy in the treatment of ailments. Crystal healers often use the crystals to solve not the physical ailment but get to the root of the disease by cleansing the energy fields. Since different people respond differently, a combination of crystals is often used by the healer after studying the patient. Sensitivity is thus a necessity when working with crystals.

Today crystal healing is a therapy that has gained recognition the world over. Though the positive effects of crystals continue to be doubted or debated upon, there is no discounting the words of thousands who continue to receive positive benefits from the use or mere presence of crystals. You don’t need to be a believer. All that you require is an open mind, and the crystals do the rest.
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