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Self Healing Treatment

Self Healing Hand Position Steps
Do any 1 or 2 postion of healing from each chakra as per as the above given healing hand position
Reiki can be used for your own healing. Healing yourself helps to clear away blocks in your energy flow, balances and harmonizes your whole being. It is also an excellent way to become familiar with using Reiki. You are encouraged to give yourself a Reiki treatment every day.

Self treatment can be done in a similar way to healing clients or also by just resting your hands on your thighs while seated and intending Reiki to flow. Reiki goes to where it is needed, but when using the hand positions Reiki works faster on each specific area.
Treatment on the front and back of body can be done on yourself. The front of the body may be easier to self heal than the back as some places may be difficult to reach. If you find it difficult to reach the back of your body, you can self heal the front of your body with the mental intention that you are treating the back positions – in a mirror image manner.

Reiki never hurts so take care and do the positions you are comfortable in. An ideal position is one in which you are comfortable and can relax in. Alternative hand positions do not interfere with the flow of Reiki. Reiki flows to where it is needed, though your intent is required.

If you have completed Reiki Level 2, then you can use the symbols in yourself healing.
All practitioners are encouraged to perform self treatments with Reiki once every day. It keeps you grounded and in touch with energy work.

To begin, sit comfortably with your hands in the Gassho (Namaste) position allowing your mind to quieten. Ask your Angels / God / Guru and Guides to assist in the treatment, if you work with them. if you learn Reiki level 2 or 3 then Draw the three symbols in front of you and say their names each three times. Draw the Power Symbol on both the palms of your hands. Begin the Reiki treatment using the hand positions. At the end of the treatment, draw a large Power Symbol covering your entire body to seal in the energy.  At the end of the self healing, thank Reiki, the Grand Masters and your Guru and Guides (if you work with them).

But if you have learn only Reiki Level 1 then you do not need to draw any symbol on your self because you have been not get attune by the reiki symbols.

What is the procedure for self healing?
Steps first say your Reiki Prayer taught by your master

Steps Two if you are beginner level of Reiki 1 then just ask Reiki energy to protect yourself with white light bubble ball. And if you have learn Reiki level 2 or 3 then Draw the Power Symbol in your Front body to take protection.

Steps Three If you attune with Reiki level 2, 3 or Advance the Draw the Symbols in your front taught by Master and Imagine that you get channel with reiki source of Energy.

Steps Four Now you Place your palm on each chakra or body part where you want to give healing, keep in mind in 21 days self healing, healing is always done from crown to root chakra. Just go through the flow of Imagination about your affirmation what you want the changes in your life or what emotions you want get heal by reiki just keep on thinking in positive way that the healing has been done by the divine highest good.

You can say such simple affirmation, “I thanks to divine reiki universal healing energy to heal all my pain and lower vibration from my body and aura, reiki thanks so much to heal away all my lower energies and lower vibration from my mind, heart, soul and body. Thank you so much reiki maa to heal and fill up my whole body, aura with higher energies and higher vibration of divine, reiki thanks to make my all chakras balance and align, reiki has now heal my mind, heart, soul with lots of higher emotions. Thank you so much Reiki Maa (mother)"

Keep in Mind
If you are doing self Healing then just say “I thanks to reiki energy to seal my aura with your higher vibration right now.”

If you are doing healing to others (any one)
Once you’re others healing done, just disconnect yourself with Clients or Patient, by saying below affirmation.
Say the affirmation “I Request to Reiki healing Energy that disconnects my healing energy exchange cords right now between your name and the person

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