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Use of Candle Therapy for calling Angels
You can use Candle Therapy for calling Angels, Sprits or Casting any Spells. For solving any kind of problem you can use the above Candles with your issues to get heal and benefits. For solving problem follow below procedure:

(1)   Take a piece of (Color Candle / White Candle) paper.

(2)   Write your wish or problem on paper.

(3)   Put this paper below the candle stand or in such a way that paper don’t get burnt.

(4)   Burn this candle towards the East or North directions.

(5)   Now pray to the candle angle / god for solving your problem.

(6)  If your candle wax burned completely and do not remain any wax left behind, than understand that your wish gets fulfilled.

(7)   If suppose little bit wax remains after burnt, that means your problem is not get healed yet. So once gain try the same procedure till the above situation come i.e. (pt. no. 5).

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