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Types of Angels

Angels were created by God to be His messengers, to do His will, and to help humankind. Angels are divine beings from God who watch over you and guide you and keep you safe. This group includes many levels of angels assigned to provide help, support and comfort.

Archangels are God’s emissaries to give to earth love and compassion. As you are thinking about your spiritual path, you might want to call on the influence of one or more archangels. They will help you increase your learning and strength.
Seven Arch Angels
Many people believe there are seven archangels. There are more, but those named below are assigned to help us while we are on our planet.

ARIEL "Light of God" The most closely associated with our future and our purpose and goals. Specialties in connecting with nature, animal and nature spirits (for eg. Fairies); manifesting your earthly material needs; guidance for career or avocation in environmentalism or animal welfare.

GABRIEL Most often associated with a trumpet, his name means "Man of God". Gabriel announces God’s plans and actions. He will tell you about your path and purpose and will send help to complete your mission. Specialties in delivering important and clear message; helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, actors and artists); assisting will all aspect of parenting, including conception adoption and birth.

HANIEL "Mercy of God". The nicest things of life are watched over by Haniel. Beauty, Love, Happiness, Harmony and Pleasure are his domain. Specialties in awakening and trusting your spiritual gifts of intuition and clairvoyance; releasing the old; support and healing for women’s physical and emotional health issues.

MICHAEL From the Hebrew, his name means "Who is like God." Michael battles evil, challenges people who have evil or negative intentions, and helps people open up to new ways of thinking, bringing courage for spiritual experiences. Specialties in Protection. Courage, confidence and safety; life purpose guidance; fixing mechanical and electronic items.

RAPHAEL This archangel’s name means "God has overcome." He works with healers and artists and is helpful to creative souls. Messages from Raphael may help you to focus on creating a space of beauty that surrounds you, and the healing energy that comes from embracing such beauty. Specialties in healing of people and animal; guidance healer in their education and practice; guidance and protection for travelers; connecting you with your soul mate.

RAZIEL "Secret of God" Archangel of Mysteries. Questions and mysteries encountered on your spiritual journey inspire us to dig deeper in search of divine knowledge. As we seek, Raziel may come through with inspirations and ideas that unlock the truths we are seeking. Specialties in understanding the secret of universe; remembering and healing from past lives; understanding esoteric wisdom, such as dream interpretation.

URIEL "Fire of God." Archangel of prophecy. Uriel helps you complete your goals and your life missions. If you get off-centre while on your spiritual path, you can expect new thoughts and transforming ideas from Uriel. Specialties in intellectual understanding; conversations; ideas, insights, and epiphanies; studying, school and test taking; writing and speaking.

GUARDIAN ANGELS were assigned to you personally and are always with you. Other angels may come and go as needed, but your guardian is committed to you 100%, for your entire life.

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