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Call in the white light!

Once you've done this, set your intention.

Think of your Angels… Then think or say, Guardian Angels, or Archangel Michael, please come into this present moment and stand in front of me, and stay there, so I can clearly see you now.

Relax your mind, release any lingering fear, thought, or doubt, and unfocus your eyes so that you enter into a daydreaming type state… looking before you in somewhat of a blank stare.

Soften your gaze and breathe. Relax, and continue to gently gaze before you as your physical eyes relax and your mind’s eye opens.

Look into the air before you… Look through the air for what is contained between the particles. See the “living air” and the energy of the air swirling around before you with your intuitive and psychic sight.

Keep with this until you begin to see the movement and energy of the air before you. If you're not seeing it, try again in the evening, late at night or in the super early morning hours when the veil is thinner.

Try this in different rooms, outside, etc. It's sometimes easier to see angels when it's dark out (as they tend to blend in with direct sunlight). Practicing this with dim or ambient light may also help.

Don't worry if it doesn't seem to work at first, keep practicing. Refocus on your intention, and soften your focus, concentrating on seeing through your mind’s eye.

As you gaze into the air before you… Notice through as a slight outline of your angel begins to appear. Keep breathing and stay relaxed and within your state of relaxed focus you'll be able to notice more and more detail about the magnificent angelic being before you.

You may catch a glimpse of your angel, get excited, and shift your point of focus so that they quickly disappear. Don't worry, just return to your relaxed, daydream like gaze and wait for the angel to appear again.

You may also look for a whitish glow, which often surrounds angels. Look for sparkles of light, and once you see the glow of the angel, shift your focus slightly to look for the outline of an angel within the glow. Once you see the outline, focus on the details of the angelic being standing before you. What is their clothing like? Do they have wings? Or are they simply radiating light from within?
white light angel
With practice and persistence, you can learn to see your angels with more and more detail.

Angels have appeared to me as energetic beings looking much like humans, but with wings, flowing gowns, and shining light from within. I've also seen them appear quite simply as orbs, geometric patterns, or flashes of energy.

Just be aware and pay attention, trusting that the angels will appear before you in whatever form will most serve you now.

Don't strain your eyes to try to see the angels, it’s from a relaxed point of focus from your physical eyes, that your mind’s eye can kick in and fill in the gaps energetically so that you can see beyond the veil.
As you strive to see your angels, remember to ask your angels to help! They're happy to help you with anything, including learning to sense, know, and experience their presence and in helping you to learn to see your angels, and the angels with other people.

“Angels, please stand before me now. Help me to clearly see, know, and experience your presence, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is. Thank you.”

Practice with this technique, and you just may surprise yourself with how quickly you can learn to see your angels. You may ask for one to stand before you, and when you start to look, there are three! Thank your angels for showing up, and know they're always happy to serve and assist.

If you don't see them right away, don't worry. You can do this! It may just take a little more time and practice. Try again before you go to sleep, or even better give it a shot when you wake up in the middle of the night at 3am, and your ego mind is still half asleep.

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