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Ask your Wishes

Be specific. Asking does several things. First, it helps you focus on what you want. Clarity is the key to formulating what you would like to have. Asking connects you with God and helps you see that all that is right for you comes from Him and that He is truly the one to whom you are directing your requests.

ASK BIG! Be positive. Ask for a lot! Don’t ask for less than you want. Don’t ask for a tent if you want a house! Above all, don’t ask for half a gift. Be specific, and then more specific. Angels are empowered to bring you help in every area of your life. Even the material.

Pretend you are ordering from a catalogue. All sorts of information are requested......fill in the blanks for size, color, material, and amount. Write down every option that is important to you and then decide to have it! BE SPECIFIC AND ASK BIG!

Free will enters in here. Angels won’t intrude. If you do not ask, angels cannot and will not act except in times of peril. ASKING opens the door. Only AFTER you make the invitation can they help. If this sounds punitive, remember that God has given humankind the gift of free will. This is how to use it to have the angels help you.

After you have asked for what you would like to come into your life, your next step is to believe and trust. If it is the right thing for you, then it will happen.


This step requires patience, and human patience is not very deep. There will be a temptation to meddle. Letting it happen is the hardest part. Letting go is allowing the angels to work. It is also proof that you believe. Let it be. There is no need to ask again, or worry, or beg. Just expect positive results and ask the angels to help you.

Once you have asked for something, believe and trust you will receive it for your greater good, then let go of the process and outcome, it is time to give thanks to God for His will being done. Giving thanks closes the loop on your request.

These four positives steps teach you that it’s okay to ask. It’s okay to believe. It’s okay to have.

Speaking with us is easier than you can believe if you use the principles of this success formula.

Ask us to be with you.
Believe that we are with you and you will receive a message.
Let it happen and begin writing what you know to write.
After your message is received acknowledge it with a Thank You.

When you begin to use these fundamental rules, you will notice immediate changes in your life.Not just in having more material abundance either. We will seem more companionable, active and real. Our energy will feel good to you.

Fear and loneliness will disappear. You will begin to talk to your angels. Out loud. You will become trusted friends. People will begin to see your changes in beauty, happiness, and peace. Life will work better, and peace will shine from your face. Joy and Success will be yours!!

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