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Types of Angels and Other Spiritual
Beings You May See

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In addition, here are some of the types of spiritual beings the person you are tuning into may have with them and where you will likely notice the presence of these angels, guides, deceased loved ones and spiritual beings.

Fairies, Nature Angels, Elementals– Around the feet or legs.

Pets, Power Animals, Mythical Animals – Around the legs or waist.

Deceased Loved Ones and Ancestors– Around the midsection. Deceased loved ones often will often stand behind you.

Spirit Guides– Can be found in a circle around your center.

Guardian Angels – Over the right and left shoulders or near the third eye.

Archangels and Ascended Masters – Directly overhead, usually above the crown chakra.

Star Beings – Way above the person… People with a star connection often have a type of silver or light cord extending up into the cosmos or toward a ‘mother ship'.

There are many types of angels you can see, feel, and experience. You may come across warrior angels, protection angels, teaching angels, guidance angels, nature angels, guardian angels, angels of wisdom, abundance, creativity, joy, inspiration, passion, laughter and so many more.

There are even angels whose purpose is to watch over certain locations, people, projects, and even ideas.

When you are finished scanning the energy of another person, be sure you consciously disconnect your energy from his or hers. A sweep of your hand across your chakras is a simple way to do this. Then imagine a waterfall of light cleansing your energy, and theirs, and ask your angels to return all your energy into your being cleansed and purified, and any energy belonging to the other to be restored cleansed and purified.

Take some notes and what you saw, perceived and experienced, and know that again with practice, persistence, and time… Seeing angels in nature, around others, and around you will come more easily, naturally and clearly with practice.

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