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Instructions about Angel Therapy
Angel therepy classes in Mumbai and Vadodra
I have been sending some post related to Angel Therapy. I sincerely, request everyone to go through this post. Lately, I have been receiving some queries from my students regarding attunement. Questions like; Should I or should I not learn and practice Angel therapy without an attunement? I have always solved their queries by answering “yes, you can practice and learn Angel therapy but, when you want to go in-depth about the subject and its functions. I would recommend you to learn Angel therapy by a qualified master and take an attunement.”

Somewhere, Reiki and Angel Therapy are connected. Connected, not only with us who learn these courses but with everyone. Whatever art we learn and practice are being bound with us. We already know about them, just we don’t know about the techniques properly. ‘How shall we use the techniques or What are the techniques to learn Angel therapy or Reiki’ comes in our minds. We can learn anything and everything in our lives whether it is learning Vastu, Reiki, Angel Therapy, Candle therapy or Interior designing and even our Grandmother’s nuska (Technique).

Our Grandparents didn’t learn these technique, they are naturally in- build in them. Similarly, all these techniques are naturally in- build in us since us, just we need to nourish them. These techniques that you don’t know about can be taught to you by a qualified master who will give you an attunement after teaching you the techniques.

Attunement works when you are not in the zone, frequency, or in- bound of that, you need a master. When a master channelizes you and your energy, that energy channelizes your sub conscious mind and Its feed you the knowledge about the subject, that you need. A master shares their knowledge with you, so the attunement makes it easy to understand. We take an attunement because it doesn’t require much time for us to learn about the subject and somewhere it benefits us, because of an attunement you are paying the Master.

You can also learn these courses without channelizing, you can always try. Nobody has said you that it is mandatory to take an attunement. I, personally say that you can practice Angel therapy, but if you get stuck somewhere, you can contact me. If you want to teach other people and become a Master in any courses, it is necessary for you to learn these course professionally, because students will ask for certification and linage process. So, it is mandatory for you to have a certificate in the subject, If you want to teach.

I am only sharing the basic techniques with you i.e How you connect with your guardian angel? How can you pray to your guardian angels? Because you can only learn these courses if you understand the basic techniques.
These are very vast chapters; you can only learn something by going to a school. We can read the books without going to school, but cannot study without going to school until a teacher guides us. We can learn anything by buying a book, but a whole concept wouldn’t clear.

You can learn the course, you can practice it, there will be no negative consequences of practicing Angel therapy without attunement. It’s good if you understand some basic things about the subject, and if you get some results or experience out of it, with those experiences it will be easy for you to learn and understand about the topic in future.

With this post, my objective was to answer the queries that you guys asked me. I will recommend for you all to do the practice, because our guardians are more powerful than anything, so if you have a guardian Angel you can get connected to before taking an initiative to learn this course is wonderful.

I will also say that do not get scared of your guardian angel, because your guardian angel is there to protect you not to harm you.  We have three yonies i.e Dev yoni, Rakshasa yoni and Manav yoni. Many of you must be thinking ‘what is yoni’, so let me tell you there is yoni mentioned in your horoscope. In horoscope it’s mentioned from which you belong. So, in Rakshasa yoni, their ancestors belonged from that yoni. Even the Rakshasa were humans, but they were ‘Asur’, because their ancestors were born by Demons. Rakshasa are said to be great devotee of Lord Shiva, these are familiar with Shaitaan yoni, their guardian will also belong in this yoni, but they would not harm you.

In Dev yoni, they are all connected with the light source or light beams. They will be the Rakshasas, but the Rakshasas will not harm you and vice versa. Some Angels might be evil, but they are there in front of you because of some reason, maybe they are asking for some help from you, so don’t avoid them.

Manav yoni consist of both of the other yonies. Manava (Human) is made of human species. In that species both good and evil exist. They can feel the presence of both the other yonies.

Now, I have told you everything through this post, keep on practicing, learning, and do not get scared of your Angels, and I will keep sending you informative post like this. Until then. Goodbye.
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