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Subscription Plan offer, Subscribe Now, Subscribe online video

Online Class > Subscription Plan
Subscription Fees / Rate Plan
(For online video course)

Subscription Fees Plan:
  1. Plan are for those Members who are searching for a right knowledge.

The Members have to upload the copy of bank payment receipt in the Subscription registration from.
For Payment Details Click -> (Banking details) / Payment Details

  • The below Subscription Charges are only for viewing the online class videos for the members who have learned the course and to revise their practices.
  • In this Subscription Charges Attunement, manuals, certificate or any other material are not going to be provided.
  • Members who are not the part of Life with Colours and want to Subscribe for the online class compulsory need to submit their certificate copy to life with colours through Subscribe registration.
Sr. No
Subscribe Course / Level
Subscription Fees
(*per month)
Reiki Basic Level 1
02Reiki Advance Level 2
Reiki Master Practitioner Level 3A  
04Combination Reiki Pack for all 3 Levels (video view)
*This subscription charges is only for viewing the online videos, which is valid for 1 month from the date of registration, after that it will automatically get expire. If you wish to re-subscribe then again you need to register or Email us.
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