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Classes and Courses

Welcome to the Spiritual learning zone of  Life With Colours
Reiki Therapy

Learn Reiki and Heal your life with love and light energy.
Also learn the technique of healing to others via physical and distance.

Angel Therapy

We all have our own angel guider for guidance, but we don’t know how to connect with them,
so to connect with them and to know more about angels, Angel Therapy.

Crystal Therapy

Heal your life with the Tinkling and sparkling power of natural mineral crystals.
Live healthy and Happy life…

Candle Therapy

Daily while sleeping, meditating or wakening up, you can have your day with full of fragrances, heal your all problems with colorful candle fragrances, fulfil your dreams and desires through candle therapy.
Learn the art of fire healing in your life through Candle therapy

Pendulum Dowsing

Learn Pendulum and get to know all you answers through Dowsing,
also you can find any lost object or person, and also do balancing of chakras through pendulum.


Get more knowledge about all healing properties, usage and benefits of all types of Crystals, precious and semi-precious gemstones products.

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