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Special Offer
||  Exciting Monsoon Offers  ||
Exciting offers are here for your personal, self-development with spiritual growth.
1.)  Learn any Single Course / Level and get 10% Off
2.)  Learn any 2 Course / Level and get 15% Off *
3.)  Learn Reiki full course from Level 1 to 6 and 20% Off *
4.)  Birthday Months Special Offer 20% (Need to carry the Proof eg: Driving license, Passport or Pan Card)

Know about:-

*Terms & Conditions :-
1.) The above offer is only valid till 8 August 2017. Means if you register any date before 8 August you will receive the Discount, after 8 august if you register any seat no discount will be given.
2.) Do 2 course or more then 2 courses the above discount rates of 15% will be the same for any combination course you do from life with colours.
3.) (Option 1 for Reiki Level 1-6) 20% -
Only in Reiki if you do the whole course from life with colours that also you complete within 3 months then only 20% discount will be valid to you. Otherwise no discount will be given.
If you book the whole course of Reiki then you have to pay the complete amount on the 1st day Compulsory when you come to learn the Reiki.

4.) (Option 2 for Reiki Level 1-6) 20% -
 Pay the Whole amount in begin and you can book your own choice dates of any month and you can complete your whole Reiki course in any Period. (no time limits)

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