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ruta paranjape
2015-08-07 22:54:43
Kalpesh Dave
2015-06-30 14:59:46
Hello Meghanaji, here is the details about the crystal therapy classes: http://lifewithcolours.in/crystal-therapy-course-and-fees.html on the above link you will get all the details about the crystal therapy. if you stay near to mumbai or in near to vadodara / Gujarat then i can suggest you to come here and learn. i also give one other option that I am having own house you can come here also stay here and learn. for accommodation and lunch and dinner no extra cost you have to pay it is completely free. Just you have to pay the course fees. this i am giving to you is that for crystal therapy I am teaching completely practical upon student (you), how you can do. So for me it is not a issue to teach online but in online you need compulsory webcam so that u can see what is going on... and in online you have to pay extra for the courier charges for material. as in online you need to deposit the course fees in my banking account. for more information you can contact me http://lifewithcolours.in/contact-us.php
Meghana Shah
2015-06-24 23:47:56
Hello Kalpeshji. Please give me details about how to do crystal therapy course online.
shailesh charkari
2015-06-13 00:05:11
Dear All, It has been great pleasure to learn things from Master Kalpesh Dave. Every topic is taken care of by master. I have learned Reiki 1,2,3, and Angel Therapy, I have experienced great difference the life which I use to live earlier and now. The knowledge really boosts after learning these things. And about the guidance, master Kalpesh has responded and guided me for each and every query I have asked which is really appreciating. I always pray to SHIVA thank you to send such a great person as my guru.
Sarvesh Kargutkar
2015-06-12 21:35:27
I began my spiritual journey with lifewithcolours.in .. Started off with reiki level 1 course then went on to do crystal course & soon will do reiki level 2. Kalpeshji is a gem of a person.. A true crystal .. Full of enegry & knowledge.. Its a pleasure to know such a guru.. I have bought so many crystal products ... The collection is reasonably priced but there is no compromise on quality.. Life is truly filled with colour
2014-11-04 16:34:59
i am very much impressed for your products and services. Any way I being GEM THERAPIST would like to keep connection for my requirements to help my clients. I belong to Hyderabad and my Ph.9014378474.
Kalpesh Dave
2014-09-03 22:45:13
yes we deal in wholesale for beads and crystals....
2014-09-02 12:45:04
Do you deal in beads and crystal beads in wholesale
Megha Dave
2014-08-15 13:52:50
Hello Sachuji, I have replied you on your email id. hope you have received it. Thanks and Regards, life with colours
2014-08-06 21:49:28
I need ur help, I always have a bad time at the place of work,everyone seem to be against me,my colleges don't like me as I am the only out of state employee . I suffer on regional bases. I do my work with full dedication and do not harm anyone in anyway but I find myself always in difficult times always. I learned reiki 1 and 2, how do I use it to defend my self at place of work . how can reiki help me to take decisions?i am in a govt job and woulf like to apply for PR to Canada. how I come to know that I should go for PR or stay in india.is reiki of some help in such cases? please do guide. I bought carnelian mala ,pink crystal ,amythesist,tiger eye,seven chakra healing set and tumble stones( some from ur site through ebay) please do guide and help. thanks sachu
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