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Megha Dave
2014-06-08 16:50:48
Hello Sachuji, 1) for 21 days complete you need to make a mind that i want to do and if i do these 21 days i will able to fulfill my all dreams and can achieve my goals very easily and perfectly. if you say such words or intention to your mind than i am sure you will finish 21 days. ha as you are doing 1st time than for at the beginning 5 to 6 days you will feel tired or bored while doing but this is the process once you cross the 7 to 10 days you will feel the energy and after that you will able to finish the 21 days perfectly. 2) you can start this 21 days process at any point of time. u can start now also or later as you wish. 3) the broken crystal can also be use in many ways. u can put these parts in plant, under the soil, or in the house in a blow with water to purify the energy in house. you can also use as pencil for your work.
2014-06-07 22:58:46
kindly guide me regarding the following? 1. I could not complete 21 days cleansing process after the attunment,What is to be done now? 2. I have done reiki 1st and 2nd level in april 2014. 3. I bought QUARTZ crystal pencil and it broke into 3 part. what is to done with these 3 parts? should I throw ,keep it or use it as a pencil? kindly guide thanks sachu
Kavita Aras
2014-05-15 14:39:46
It was a Awesome experience of Reiki,Pendulum, crystals therapy.. in my life and whom I helped them also.Learned 1st - 6th Level of Reiki..I feel like Blessed.It keeps helping me in lots of thing. The 100% knowledge Kalpesh ji has given its Amazing and hardly any Master gives this..Kalpesh ji always Pour our mind with Positive Energy.In today's Life Reiki and all these therapy gives a knowledge to make our and others life Positive and Good.We should trust when we see examples in our life after learning Reiki..I have followed and saw, so many example which I share in group Reiki too....It works 100% when you believe and apply on yourself ....I always Thanksful for Myself, my Masters,my Parents,Friends,Angels and All the Positive. Energy which is surrounded with me....Thanks Everyone who is reading.Life is Love...KAVITAA from AHMEDABAD.
Monikaa Nanani
2014-04-22 16:46:31
Hello sir Namashkar, I have learnt reiki level 2 and 3, crystal healing feeling great and really thankful after learing from reiki from you. My life has really changed. I'm so glad that i got a guruji like you. Crystal healing is a fablous course crystals are just best it works so well as per your programming to it. caMy life has truely truely changed can my family & friends can see a positive wide diffrence in me. The courses are value of money.. Looking forward to learn more attractive courses from you sir. Thank you soo much..
2014-02-24 18:53:28
Namaste kalpeshji, realy your website is very helpfull. i completed 2 lavel reiki from u. nd i hve good experiance.
2014-01-21 12:51:35
I like your website and highly impressed bv the information available in the same. thanks.; mparora
2014-01-03 16:21:12
1)The sessions were very good. I liked the linking of Rekie to physical level as well as spiritual level in your sessions. 2)The hospitality and affection I received from your family is memorable. 3) I completed 21 days Rekie cleansing honestly as suggested by you and then got the confidence to heal myself at certain level. 4) My personal and social life is improved a lot after doing regular practices of Rekie 5) Rekie is showing me the ways for the end result I want in my life. 6)Your web sites on Rekie are very informative. It has many useful practices. 7)Your guidance is also there whenever I ask for it which is a good thing for me.
2013-12-19 00:50:13
Namaste Sir as I gone through the Angel Therapy level 1, really after learning I get lot of knowledge from you about angels and about calling them. Really in the Attunement it was really wonderful experience I got, in night when I was doing the practice of calling angels I really feel very nice and positive waves of some positive spirit beside as I was feeling that some angels is standing beside me and listing to my prayer, really it was amazing experience the whole night I sleep very nice and I was somewhere which I cant predict the experience. As I am very thankful to god and all angels to have such a great master in my life, who guide to me so well in the whole session and answers my all question so well with patiently. I really so much happy and thank you thank you for everything master. God Bless you and may you bring happiness in every bodies life with your pure grace of knowledge. Now I am waiting for to do the Angel therapy Advance level very fast from you. Thank you sir.
2013-12-18 19:36:22
I really love this website, you are offering really an amazing courses in good affordable rates. I will definitely learn the reiki, candle and angel therapy courses from you in next month and i will call you for the appointments. Really doing the good job. Keep it up and thanks for posting such a wonderful post on spirituality. God Bless you.
subhashini selvaraj
2013-12-17 10:07:19
Namaste Master Kalpesh Dave ji, It was a wonderful experience to attend the first level reiki course. I experienced energy for the first time in my life and I would say it was awesome. U answered all my questions patiently. I feel so happy that I was guided to the right master. I would say u are my guru for my spiritual journey ahead. I do not have words to thank you. I am so excited and looking forward for the second level. I thank you with heartful of gratitude....thank you so much. More than a master I feel a great bonding with u, I was so comfortable during the class and enjoyed every minute with excitement. Yesterday night i.e..15 December, 2013 the day on which I received the attunement I felt a very strange feeling which I cannot explain, like 1. heaviness on my crown, 2. vivid pictures of the universe with stars and planets, 3. the sound of HUM, 4. some sort of restlessness in my body. I really do not know was I dreaming or it all happened in real. It took almost 2 hrs to drip off to sleep. But the next day I woke up so fresh and energetic I did a lot of household work than usual. When I watch the CD I really feel as if I am sitting in front of u and that makes me feel more confident and connected with u. The musics in the CD are awesome and soul soothing. Thanks u thank u thank u. I will be sharing each and every experience with u. I thank the universe to give this wisdom to me through such a wonderful & down to earth person. I forgot to touch ur feet for blessings I realised it when I came back home but I deeply respect u for imparting such a beautiful art to me. Thank u sir.
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