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2016-05-04 11:15:04
I really enjoyed the classes, it was really a great session. Kalpesh sir really teach such a amazing way make it very easy to understand the art of energy and spirituality, really feel blessed by universe getting guided under such a nice person. really enjoyed the session and feel great energies in his house and peace in life also... thankyou so much sir.
shetal padtee
2016-05-02 05:30:23
Beautiful n interactive session on astro n chakra. Amazing human being with a vast ocean of knowledge n prompt solutions for every query/ concern. Thank you sir for the amazing guidance. Feeling blessed n thankful to the universe to have a true guru like u. Gratitude n best wishes to u n ur family always...
2016-04-27 16:32:00
I am really thankful for the amazing feeling after doing this ..... it has helped me lot ... great work of humanity ........keep it up sir
Rahul Sharma
2016-04-23 20:27:46
I have saw your website and it was really very great and amazing... I am really very attracted by your website and keen for doing the reiki course.... as i wanted to learn for me and my wife.. and since now i am practicing after 16 april, 2016 and I am really find changes in both me and my wife..... thank you for making me understand in a such amazing way..... you are amazing sir.... thank... very much....
Sarita Gianani
2016-04-23 20:24:18
I am really very grateful for a such wonderful class of Reiki and Crystal Therapy which I have learn from you... after learning many things has been changed and my life comes in a routine and i feel very much balance..... after taking attunement of Reiki level 3 and crystal griding....thank you...
Namrata Vaid
2016-04-23 20:20:53
thank you for a wonderful experience for the Reiki.... thank for being a master.....
Irfan A Attar
2016-04-23 20:18:43
I learned Master Reiki Level 4 and Grandmaster Reiki Level 5 and 6 with Kalpesh Sir. The best and genuine reiki master who has knowledge of indian ancient spiritualism across to western spiritualism. He is unlimited ocean of knowledge, wisdom, siddhis. very few know that he has learned Reiki level 18 from Japanese Masters. A Very down to earth guy who has fully developed all pyschic senses. Master of multiple spiritual techniques. Scientific guy with spiritual mastery. Thank is very small term for him.... I cannot repay him for all the efforts what he taught me and make me understand... May you and your family be blessed with love, spiritualism, peace health and abundance of resources.... Irfan....
Sayali Karalkar
2016-04-17 22:13:44
I thank to universe u are my guru. U r a amazing guru.
Maruti Jambhale
2016-04-17 21:30:15
नमस्ते कल्पेश दवेजी सर .आपको खूब खूब धन्यवाद आज मै वो क्षण अनुभव कर रह हू जीसका फल सिर्फ आपको जाता है.मै आपके पास रेकी के ६ सेवल शिकने के बाद मेरे जीवन चमत्कारीक बदलाव आये है ओर मै महसूस भी करता हू.रेकीसे हिलीगं करनेपर इतने चमत्कारीक अनुभव आते है की विश्वास नही होता.मेरे अंदर की चेतना जगानेका फल तो मास्टर कल्पेशजी को जाता है Amazing** Logic**
2016-04-17 21:26:16
Sir thank you so much for such a informative class that u conducted. Looking for many more .
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