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Shailesh Charkari
2017-04-20 12:54:33
Learning reiki or any other course from here is worthy. I am really very lucky to have a master like you. You really go out of the way to make us understand in deepth. I will always be happy every time to learn here. Thanks for the being my master.
Ashish Purohit
2017-04-02 22:48:15
In this tech age, information is easily available. Guru teachs how to convert or use information into knowladge. I am blessed to have Guru - Kalpesh sir. Thanks you sir.
Prateeksha Keshari
2017-04-02 22:26:43
I learned reiki 3 from sir. Sir is very down-to-earth​ person. I am grateful to sir for the teachings. The energy exchange (money) is very reasonable and I am satisfied with his teaching and immense knowledge. He and mam sincerely tries to help their students. I am very happy that the universe guided me to him for my learning. Thank you sir! God bless you and your family!
kalpesh dave
2016-12-23 12:37:49
To, Maheshwari Gupta, yes you can learn the reiki.... in learning the reiki it is not compulsory for any person that they should know the english...... by doing practice of reiki you can become a good healer.. but in becoming a healer their is only one disadvantage that will be tough in class once u join..... but for the self and own purpose reiki is must and most beneficial and most and advantage in person life.... you can easily learn the reiki without any doubt.
Maheshwari Gupta
2016-12-23 00:31:54
Hello sir, I lived in Mumbai and want to learn reiki and want to become a reiki healer Bt my English is not so good so please suggest me can i do reiki like it become beneficial for me or not please reply me
Raajjesh Virchand
2016-11-22 11:52:04
5 star rating * * * * * Great work
Maruti Jambhale
2016-10-16 12:00:40
Learning of reiki and other healing merhodes from grand master Kalpesh Dave sir has been great experience and unvaluable
Zenith Sahai Chohan
2016-10-16 10:11:08
It was through Google search that I landed up on Life with Colours. Booking an appointment for Level 1 for so easy. Reiki Grand Master Kalpesh Ji and his wife Megha are such genuine souls. I never knew that learning Reiki would bring such a positive transformation in my life. The way of teaching and the study material is invaluable. Recommended to every one who wants to spread positivity around them
Uma Thakkar
2016-09-29 17:48:45
Hi, Kalpesh this is uma from Dubai, it was a blessing learning spirituality from a spiritual person like you. I would like to grow more in this subject, thank you.
Amit S
2016-09-26 16:56:00
Thank you Kalpesh Sir... for your guidance and help to get genuine crystals !!
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