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Kalpesh Dave
2015-11-20 22:42:02
This message is for Mr. Rajesh Mishra: hello dear, I have gather all the energy by doing lot of practices and self meditation and also get lot of wrong guidance by such people who always give knowledge in free of cost... so after that i have start taking charges as per my intuitions says to me and for which i have received the knowledge... if you feel to learn then you can come or else there are many more knowledgeable masters are available... you can choose anyone which u feels good... but I am really very sorry my energy and intuitions are not giving me permission for teaching free of cost... sorry.. go and try to search other good master.... thank you so much..
Rajesh Mishra
2015-11-20 17:05:56
Dear, Sir/Madam I have ? that for 1 to 2 days training u are charging 5 & 10 Thousand which is ? u are able to get all the energy by ur power which u got it by effort so u can easily can help pepole free?
Kalpesh Dave
2015-08-16 18:07:15
Thank you Vikki ji and Shephali ji .
vikki dmello
2015-08-15 23:05:18
.you deserve a 5 star.
vikki d'mello
2015-08-15 22:59:24
Sir your tranings have always been fruitfull.and it is an honour to have you as my guru. And would love to have lots of learning sessions from you.
shephali karekar
2015-08-15 22:39:41
Kalpeshji is an inspiration, a guide ,an example, and an excellent teacher. Thank you very much Kalpeshji
ruta paranjape
2015-08-07 22:54:43
Kalpesh Dave
2015-06-30 14:59:46
Hello Meghanaji, here is the details about the crystal therapy classes: http://lifewithcolours.in/crystal-therapy-course-and-fees.html on the above link you will get all the details about the crystal therapy. if you stay near to mumbai or in near to vadodara / Gujarat then i can suggest you to come here and learn. i also give one other option that I am having own house you can come here also stay here and learn. for accommodation and lunch and dinner no extra cost you have to pay it is completely free. Just you have to pay the course fees. this i am giving to you is that for crystal therapy I am teaching completely practical upon student (you), how you can do. So for me it is not a issue to teach online but in online you need compulsory webcam so that u can see what is going on... and in online you have to pay extra for the courier charges for material. as in online you need to deposit the course fees in my banking account. for more information you can contact me http://lifewithcolours.in/contact-us.php
Meghana Shah
2015-06-24 23:47:56
Hello Kalpeshji. Please give me details about how to do crystal therapy course online.
shailesh charkari
2015-06-13 00:05:11
Dear All, It has been great pleasure to learn things from Master Kalpesh Dave. Every topic is taken care of by master. I have learned Reiki 1,2,3, and Angel Therapy, I have experienced great difference the life which I use to live earlier and now. The knowledge really boosts after learning these things. And about the guidance, master Kalpesh has responded and guided me for each and every query I have asked which is really appreciating. I always pray to SHIVA thank you to send such a great person as my guru.
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