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Hruthvij chavan
2017-10-28 20:56:29
The reiki course was too good I loved it and I feel very good to have a guru (Sensei) like you Kalpesh Dave sir
Faiz sayyed
2017-10-14 01:21:13
Thank kalpesh sir for sharing your knowledge and giving me reiki level 1 training... Practising. reiki level1 for months and have seen many changes in me and also sharing ur knowlegde daily through social media with out fail so we as your student are connect to u daily .. Thank you once again sir ji
Vidhi Shah
2017-09-25 14:29:22
It was a good experience in this session.thankyou kalpesh sir for making this session interesting with all the knowledge that you shared with us.
Umesh R.Patil
2017-09-24 00:24:07
Thank you so much sir for the today's reki session..had a wonderful experience ,cleared all the doubts. And specially Kalpesh sir is the best teacher,guru. Really enjoyed and got good blessing from Sir Thanks once again sir..
Heera bohra
2017-09-23 23:42:37
kalpesh sir is superb guru.. Thx for everything and be with us always...
Aditi Tambe
2017-09-23 21:43:50
Thank you sir for giving me reiki level 1 training. It was a very wonderful experience for me Though i had lots of doubt. But has the time is passing i can see through them Thank you so much
sushant kadam
2017-09-18 18:49:52
Thank you Sir for giving me Reiki level 1 degree.At first I did not believe it but now after 2 years I really think it is only thing I have learned in years which proved to be most useful.See you in month of october 2017.
Sneha S Kokirkar
2017-08-26 20:15:54
I learnt Reiki level 1and it was awesome experience.Sir, you gave me excess knowledge than expectations.Thanks to universe for giving me such blessed master.thank sir for your divine blessings.God bless you.
Simmer Bhatia
2017-07-01 18:02:11
It was a Divine experience. Very empowering, peaceful. Amazing way of teaching and Kalpesh Guruji does extra then expected. Love the experience I had in practical sessions. Would definitely come back for more courses.the earthiness & simplicity in his teachings enriches ones Soul!
sandhya Purohit
2017-06-18 20:53:44
Awesome class today . so powerful meditation techniques was taught to us by Kalpesh Ji . Highly recommended course .
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