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2018-01-09 21:14:46
Sir aap bahut knowledgeable master he sir.aapke healing methods kafi ease aur simple he. jisse imagination asani se kiya ja sakta he.aapke guidance ke karan sir hamara spiritual knowledge badhta he. Apke videos best he sir.thanks for your guidance sir.God bless you ????.
2017-11-20 00:47:19
Kalpeshji is an excellent guide. I have done Reiki Level 1course. Highly recommended for everyone, he is a blessed master. A perfect and right person for both material seekers and spiritual seekers. His guidance is of immense help.He is very very knowledgeable and always ready to share his knowledge with seekers. A wonderful guide. I really wish more and more people get to know about him it's truly a blessing to know a guide like Kalpeshji. Feel truly blessed.
2017-11-19 14:51:42
I have done reiki level 1 online course here. The online course is really very good, detailed and useful for people who cannot attend the course in person. Any doubts in the subject is clarified through WhatsApp. Kalpesh Sir has explained difficult topics in a very clear way in the videos. I am happy that I had chosen to do online reiki course from Kalpesh sir. Thank you Kalpesh sir for your wonderful explanation in the videos. I pray Lord that everyone should get a teacher like Kalpesh sir.
Neeti Singh
2017-11-19 11:34:39
Kalpesh sir owe a big respect in my life . He is not only a good guru who share all knowledge with students but also he is a divine human being who always help others with correct answers and directions. In this material world where every spiritual gurus thought to earn money more while sharing less knowledge.. Kalpesh sir is one who shower extra knowledge which is not included in decided course. I want to learn reiki angel therapy from him and when he saw my interest in numerology he guided me in that too. Also the most unique thing of kalpesh sir is he never leave his student alone ,whenever I have query and I asked him he replied me with his best way he can .. he never negotiate or reply that once taught we can't repeat it ... instead on some repeated questions he answered me patiently. I must say I could get spiritual knowledge anywhere.. but I can't get a spiritual guru like him ... I must recommend everyone who want to go in spirituality... kalpesh sir is best guru as he never allow you to go on wrong path and always hold your hand whenever we required. A big thanks to him ...
Om Prakash Tiwari
2017-11-14 13:22:09
Guru Ji Namaskar, I never found any guru like you. I'm not able to judge your's knowledge, but for me you are complite pakadge, want to say all in one, I came here to learn reiki with you guru ji, but also learn Karma Balancing, Life Science, Astrology, Colour Science, Combination of all Gedes and Enery. Thank you for attunment me in Reiki 1st lable. I will do my continous practice and want to be with you always in my spirit & Physical also. Thank you once again..
Jaspal Singh
2017-11-10 09:58:37
G.M. Kalpesh Dave is truly taking maximum interest in sharing his own knowledge with the students. My previous experience with another instructor was a complete disaster, nevertheless it is forgotten and forgiven for better understanding and progress. This is just a part of what I have received in level 1 course. With daily Self practice, I am feeling better and better. After completing level 2, my awareness and understanding has increased. I'm hoping to undergo and complete all the levels of Reiki healing process from Master Kalpesh Dave. Wonderful, thanks.
Hruthvij chavan
2017-10-28 20:56:29
The reiki course was too good I loved it and I feel very good to have a guru (Sensei) like you Kalpesh Dave sir
Faiz sayyed
2017-10-14 01:21:13
Thank kalpesh sir for sharing your knowledge and giving me reiki level 1 training... Practising. reiki level1 for months and have seen many changes in me and also sharing ur knowlegde daily through social media with out fail so we as your student are connect to u daily .. Thank you once again sir ji
Vidhi Shah
2017-09-25 14:29:22
It was a good experience in this session.thankyou kalpesh sir for making this session interesting with all the knowledge that you shared with us.
Umesh R.Patil
2017-09-24 00:24:07
Thank you so much sir for the today's reki session..had a wonderful experience ,cleared all the doubts. And specially Kalpesh sir is the best teacher,guru. Really enjoyed and got good blessing from Sir Thanks once again sir..
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