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Amit Dave
2018-05-08 19:41:59
Good Experience with V.good knowledge.
Amil soni
2018-05-08 19:30:57
Awesome knowledge of meditation. Leart different technics. Recommended
2018-05-08 19:29:25
Kalpesh Ji is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. He listens carefully to your queries and answers them all and accepts your thoughts and ideas without any ego. He goes an extra mile and learning with him is not only rewarding but fun. I strongly recommend him.
Sushil Narvekar
2018-04-22 00:27:08
Gurur Bramha, Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara. Guru Sakshyat Parabramha. Tasmai Shree Guruve Namaha.
G Dinesh
2018-04-22 00:15:32
Hi this is G Dinesh.. I was in Mumbai.. Beautiful divine friendships I got.. It's too miracle.. Such a good learning experience in Reiki up to 3 level learning.. And more than his friendships so many crystals I purchased still I'm using d good source..Very thankful Kalpesh ji All d very best with Family.. With love G Dinesh..
Sushil Narvekar
2018-04-22 00:13:33
Dear sir You have transformed my thinking and life a negative track to possitive, helping me to see things in a different way and become a better person as well. Thank you Sir Sushil Narvekar
2018-04-21 23:27:44
Kalpeshjii u r my guru. I done my reiki level 1 as well as meditation and it was a great experience, it change my life in a wonderful way. He was always there for my questions,any difficulties and all i can say if anybody want to learn reiki its a best place.... Thank you so much kalpeshjii for your support and guidance.
2018-04-21 22:44:56
Dear masterits an honour to be your student. I remember the first time I spoke to you. I had many confusions about life, energy, spirituality etc. I was going through a tough time by then however, after taking reiki level 1 attunement and teachings from you I practiced it under your guidanse. And I experienced a dramatic change in my overall life. I could improve my financial status, I mate my Soulmate my loving wife after separation of 6 long years, and many positive changes at home. And the credit for this goes to you.you have been always there to guide and help in whatever situation. You and Megha di both are always ready to help. Your commitment towards your students is unmatched. You are the best Spiritual and materail life guide I have ever met in my life. And I am proud to be your Reiki student. With Real lineage certification. After practicing healing now I am proud practitioner of Reiki level 2. I have improved my undestaning with your guidanse. Still a long way to go. I thank you for being in my life forever as a dear friend, guide and Master. I thank universe for blessing me you as a Teacher. I pray universe to bless you with all kind of love, abundant wealth and great health. Thank you and love you ????☺️
2018-04-21 22:05:52
I had done my reiky level one. I have a good experience as well as very helpful to change my life. Thanks to master kalpesh dave sir.. If anyone want to do reiky, I will recommend master kalpesh dave sir only.
Shailesh Charkari
2018-04-21 21:56:17
I have always accepted Master Kalpesh as Spiritual guru, A person with sound knowledge, gives with no boundaries, always try to explain by going beyond the limit and ensures the student has understood the objective. I have done Reiki Level-1/2/3 and had a gr8 experience still following his path. I would really recommend guruji to every beginner to start his/her spiritual journey. Thank you all, Shailesh Charkari
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